The FACES of Michelle Bernard

I've taught drama, art, dance, yoga, math, and fitness to young folks

 and folks older than that. 


Make your life your playground, your lab, your classroom, and your dance floor. 


You can become anything you choose, so choose.

All you need is an active imagination and mental fortitude. 


​I'll help you empower all that stuff. 

Think like you are till you are. Act like you are till you are.




Come Alive.


What you believe about yourself is more powerful than anything else.


A strong imagination, unwavering focus, and fortitude will harvest your dreams into

your real life.  


  • Community.

    Live Above Ordinary is an online community for women who think it's groovy to be strong, spirited, and WiLD. You know I'm talking to you. The deets await you behind the pink button.

  • Courses.

    I've created courses to accompany my books so that my teachings can come alive for you. Experience your fat-loss journey, and I'll be right there with you. See what I'm talking about behind the pink button.

  • Books.

    I will show you how to lose the excess weight, keep it lost, and never look back. You'll also learn how I revive my mind every morning so that life is fulfilling + unforgettable. My books are shelved behind the pink button.

  • Videos.

    My courses are stocked with videos. The Live Above Ordinary community has a host of VIDs. I've also organized a free library of motivational videos for you. Check 'em out behind the pink button. 

stuff I dig

TV List

RuPaul's Drag Race

inspirational YouTube Vids

actually, you can have my tv. I need VIDeo.



Favorite Books

anything by Gillian Flynn

Ruby by Cynthia Bond

anything from Wayne Dyer

A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson



​coffee, waterfalls, and Bossa Nova

make me smile


more stuff I dig

check it out 



Wink at me when you can!

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