This is a call to journal.





I'm Michelle Bernard

and ​you're gonna dig this book.

Okay, you've got a point.


I'm the author. 

Of course I think my book is swell.


I'm sure you'll agree after you read

use it to honor your life.



You will adore beyond words



➢ if you want to get off the fence and make decisions confidently



➢ if you're interested in accomplishing something that has seemed out of reach 



➢ if you're going through a transition

and you want to come out of it like a golden egg 

instead of scrambled





There is a Voice within you that can provide

 the answers you seek.


That same Voice

can cheer you over your finish lines

or scare you so much

you never take the covers away from your eyes. 




This Interior VOICE can be heard

on the page

in your Journal.


Consider this a subtle nudge, a Divine wink.


This is a call to journal.

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8.5 X 8.5 soft-back book and Kindle



this is THE JOURNAL that you can use after you read beyond words, the book

 available in 8.5 X 8.5

soft-back only





beyond words

finding fulfillment

between the lines

You have goals and ideals that would make you feel better about yourself and your life.


I'm sure you wouldn't mind bursting into applause because of the figures on your bank statements.

You'd certainly kick up a smile to finally meet a beloved dude who loved you as much as he loves your kid.

It'd be pretty awesome to wear that red, halter mini-dress to your high school reunion, wouldn't it? 

Maybe you're hoping to close on a high-rise condo overlooking the ocean one day.

Think of one of your goals right now.

That goal, the one you just pictured, will either become energized into your reality or buried under doubt and overwhelm.


It depends on how you point your mind.


Perhaps you have no idea where your mind is pointing right now.

Your mind, your thoughts and beliefs, are creating your life experience.


Most of the dominating thoughts and beliefs are under the surface of your awareness.


The journaling practice in beyond words will help you go

below the surface to see yourself up close. You can choose what you want and go after it with

clarity and confidence.


Who wouldn't want that?


This is a call to journal. 

  • Your journal will expose what's holding you back from living the life of your inner calling.

  • Your journal will help you detox from sour emotions before they can zap your energy or penetrate your body and cause dis-ease.

  • Your journal shows you what you can shift, step away from, move toward, and celebrate.

  • Your journal can write you into a life you are willing to imagine. 


Consider this a subtle nudge, a Divine wink.


This is a call to journal.


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 I was stunned by her positive energy and good humor. Her attitude is at once playful and hard-working, which is a great combination. So when I heard that she had a book out, I jumped at the opportunity to read it.


Unsurprisingly, it's great. Michelle comes up with creative and inspired ways to journal, like the "WiLD tomato" (based on Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique) where you free-write for 25 minutes, and the "WiLD cherry" where you free-write for 10 minutes.


The book is full of excellent tips to deal with negative thoughts and ways to concentrate on and magnify what is going well.


Her optimism is grounded in reality and in effective practices; this is not a dumb "only think good thoughts and everything will be great" book.


Michelle also discusses her childhood and adult life in relatable ways with wit and humor.

I woke up one night when thoughts were swirling and reached for “beyond words.” I opened and read exactly what I needed to get me through... to change confusion and self doubt to thoughtfulness. 

Ms. Bernard captures the essence of what journaling is all about. I grew up with a diary, and this is how I put pen to paper with my thoughts and feelings and dreams.


However after reading BEYOND WORDS I understand the intimacy and the power of pen to paper.


Now I wake up sit on my terrace and explore my inner self and listen to my heart and then I write.

what they say about

beyond words

This guide to journaling is a wonderful book that will give you a safe place to meditate on your thoughts without judgments. 


Michelle's writing is genuine and heartfelt. Her words will inspire you to get through your fears and love the person you are.

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Imagine this: you and me discovering, releasing, and fulfilling your goals together.


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The possibilities are endless for you.


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