My books and journals will inspire you to use your innate

gifts to imagine, believe, and move toward the life experience you love. 

beyond words

finding fulfillment between the lines

This is a call to journal.

Lose the weight and keep it lost.

Lean Happy Healthy You

If you've tried everything and you still can't keep the weight off, try this: Change your mind. 

rise like fire

A journal to kindle a wildfire awakening.


Available June 2019.

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black coffee

Spend time with the most important person you know.


​Available April 24 

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37-ish places I can be myself

37-ish journal prompts that let you experience the life you dream about.

Your imagination can penetrate life.


Available April 24

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I was once sitting in the wings watching the show. Now I bring the show on my wings. I used to hide chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, I said DOUGH) in my coat pocket. Now I’m doing chin ups and headstands and the splits.


The imagination can penetrate life.


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