beyond words


My online journaling course,

the realness expedition, includes 

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This is a call to journal.

Lose the weight and keep it LOST.

Lean Happy Healthy You

8 healthy habits for her happy life

This JOURNAL lets you use the tools in the book, LEAN HAPPY HEALTHY YOU.

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28 days to connect with your Voice,

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in your hands

this is a journal

This is the journal that helps you explore the WiLD journaling exercises I gave you in

the book, beyond words.


Use it to reframe your mis-guiding thoughts, the thoughts that might be keeping you from seeing

who you really are.


In 28 days you can get on a path

that'll make you smile.

You'll feel your life makes sense.



Your fulfillment is in your hands.


You might just realize you already have

the life of your dreams.

rise like fire


A journal to kindle a wildfire awakening.

Inspiration strewn throughout to spark light.


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black coffee


Spend time with the most important person you know.





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37-ish places I Can Be Myself

37-ish journal prompts that let you preview your dream. 

Your imagination can penetrate life.


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