Reasons you might be ready to

focus on your health:


Body Sculpting

Increased Confidence

Improved Focus and Concentration 

Increased Energy and Strength

Rejuvenation of Life Force and Gratitude

Accomplishment of Your Set Goals


Susan H.

fitness and lifestyle coaching 




    You will construct a vision for yourself, your health, and your body. You'll be able to push the boundaries on what you want and define how you want to show up to your life.


    Why do you need coaching to do all this?


    Because without SUPPORT, you'll probably rely on feedback from your life. I'll give you the tools and practices to follow your vision to your desired destiny, so you can elevate your life.




    We will work together to identify your barriers which are the thoughts and beliefs that wall you from moving toward the vision you want to embody! 


    We'll sand away your sore spots till they become your soar spots.






    This is where I need to be fully transparent. You must tell me what you really want, even if it scares you to admit it. I will direct you toward it--body, mind, and soul. 



    I want you to be fulfilled. It's one thing to tap courage and ask for what you want. You must also be available to receive what you want. That is paramount.


    Once you admit what you truly WANT and once you visualize having it, you will have removed your biggest barrier.




    Your mind has been conditioned to see YOURSELF and your life a specific way. When you change what you believe about yourself, you change your destiny. 


    You can experience the kind of fulfillment that makes you smile like a 6-year-old in a jelly bean shop--every day.


how I work with you: