You are a  powerful creator.
Live like you know this. 

I promise the more time you spend with me, ​you will.

I'm Michelle Bernard,

fitness and lifestyle enthusiast

Reasons why women have chosen

private fitness and lifestyle coaching with me:



They don't want to feel embarrassed about weight gain when seeing relatives and when it's time to attend their high school reunion.



They are tired of rebounding weight gain after starvation diets and boot-camp filled summers.



They feel stressed about experiencing declining health and widening waistlines as they get older.



They've deferred their dreams to raise children,

pursue their career,

or just because they've submitted to the doubt that

what they've wanted for their body seems impossible to create.



My Area of Expertise:


Body Sculpting

Increased Confidence

Improved Focus and Concentration 

Increased Energy

Renewal of Life Force and Gratitude

Accomplishment of Your Set Goals


fitness and lifestyle coaching 

with me offers you the following:

  • Expansion.

    My coaching will help you expand your vision for yourself. You'll be able to push the boundaries on what you want and define how you want to show up to your life.


    Why do you need coaching to do all this? 


    Because without SUPPORT, you'll probably rely on feedback from your life. You need to rely on your heart and your Interior Voice to deliver your truth. I'll give you the tools and the space to hear and follow your deepest truth.





  • Clarity.

    We will work together to identify your barriers, the thoughts and beliefs that wall you away from believing you can move toward the vision of your body and the life that you want to embody!  We'll sand away your sore spots till they become your soar spots.









    This is where I need to be fully transparent. You must tell me what you really want, even if it scares you to admit it. I will direct you toward it--body, mind, and spirit. 


    If any of that scares you too much, you're probably not gonna do well with my skills.


    I want you to be fulfilled. You must be available to receive what you want, that's paramount. If you are available to admit what you WANT, you've already removed your biggest barrier.





  • Fulfillment.

    Yes, I said it. When you commit to my coaching style, which is heavily driven by understanding that your mind has been conditioned to see YOU and your life a certain way and changing what you believe can change everything, you will experience the kind of fulfillment that makes you smile like a 6-year-old at a jelly bean shop--every day.




how I work with you: 


I meet you TWO times a week via VIDEO


One meeting includes a 45-minute workout with stretching and mental AiMing 

(focusing on your set goals)




The second meeting via VIDEO

we plan and tweak your food log and exercise log. 

We discuss your journaling insights--

plus we do more AiMing



AiMing is claiming your outcome before it happens.

It involves imagining your set goal

as REAL right now. 

Wink at me when you can!

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