Michelle Bernard's journaling course based on her book,

beyond words-finding fulfillment between the lines


    the beyond words realness expedition course



    You and I will share a virtual journaling experience

    spanning 21 days during which you'll

    locate beliefs that have you

    hanging by a string,

    afraid to look down--or up, for that matter. 


    You'll focus (vividly) on the dreams you desire 

    and through journaling you'll receive

    those dreams and experiences

    into your life.


    The realness expedition will give you the tools to 

    bring your hearty visions into real-life.


    In the realness expedition, you'll  journal WiLD,

    the transformative journaling method from my book,

    beyond words--finding fulfillment between the lines. 


    We're gonna explore the seven journal offerings from my book using

     WiLD Tomatoes and WiLD Cherries.

    (I'll explain these juicy items in the book and the course

    --but they do sound sweet, don't they?)



    ● the realness expedition is a 21-day online journaling course.


    the LEAN AUDIO series

    a course

    This is an intriguing and witty coffee-talk style audio conversation that'll have you giggling and nodding your head,

    diving deep into your soul awareness

    and jumping up with enthusiasm

    as you transform that body. 


    Lose 5-10 pounds during  

    with the LEAN AUDIO series (and keep the pounds lost). 


    Integrate the 8 healthy habits from my book, 



    Use them from now till eternity with confidence

    and lasting success!


    You'll learn the most important way to transform

    your body for good.



    During the LEAN AUDIO series ONLINE we'll laugh, journal, learn, and track a happier,

    more confident YOU. 



    ● the LEAN AUDIO series is an online course to transform your body and mind state.


LOSE YOUR MIND in 10 days


Life has its rhythm

and these days it's beating fast.



LOOK here, SPEND there, SWIPE that,

PUFF-UP YOUR LIPS for this, EAT this, NEVER EAT that,



Is the beat of life causing you to feel un-focused,

over-whelmed, and confused?



You need a 10-day retreat away from the crazy.



LOSE YOUR MIND for 10 days

Dip into a restorative space where you can reclaim your mind.


Slow down the race.


Remember who you are.



LOSE YOUR MIND for 10 days

EXPERIENCE a mental massage without leaving your house.




During this 10-day EXPERIENCE you'll learn more about yourself than you might discover in a year. 



● LOSE YOUR MIND is a 10-day online course.

  • JoG to weight-loss

    and never look back

    A mini-COURSE and JOURNAL

    This online course will delve into on my upcoming book,

    The JoG—LOSE WEIGHT, KEEP IT OFF, and NEVER LOOK BACK—this ain’t no book about runnin’.

    And truly, it’s not about runnin'.

    Neither is this course.


    It’s a 9-week weight-loss course.

    You will lose 5-15 lbs and keep them lost by tapping into your power:

    your ability to CONCENTRATE and BELIEVE.


    The course will assist you in identifying any resistance you have

    to losing and keeping weight off.


    The JoG and the mini-course will enrich your

    enduring vision to transform your body and your life.


    This course involves journaling, tracking your lifestyle,

    and changing your beliefs about what’s possible for you to gain!


    Expect to improve your relationships with food and your body for the long-run.



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