• JoG to weight-loss and never look back!

    This course is based on my book, JoG—LOSE WEIGHT, KEEP IT OFF, and NEVER LOOK BACK—this ain’t no book about runnin’. Really. It’s not. Nor is this course.

    It’s a 9-week online mind-set course to help you lose 5-15 lbs and keep them lost. The course will assist you in identifying and removing your resistance to losing and keeping weight off through journaling, tracking your lifestyle, and changing your beliefs about what’s possible for you to gain!

    Expect to improve your relationship with food and your body so you can maintain your success for the long-run.

Book available this Fall

Course available Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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  • the beyond words realness expedition

    In the realness expedition we'll share a journaling experience spanning 21 days. You'll enjoy instructional videos, audios, and exercises. I’ll teach you how to journal WiLD (surely you've read my book, beyond words--finding fulfillment between the lines). We're gonna explore the seven journal offerings from that book. You'll use WiLD Tomatoes and WiLD Cherries to look within, get focused on what brings you joy, dump thoughts and beliefs that have you hanging by a string, and shine up your goals.

    The realness expedition will give you the tools to bring your heartiest desires into real-life.

  • the lean audio series

    You'll understand how to lose 5-10 pounds during our time in the LEAN AUDIO series (and keep the pounds lost). I'll help you integrate the 8 healthy habits from my book, LEAN HAPPY HEALTHY YOU, so you can live them from now till eternity.

    I'll teach you the most important skill you must use to transform your body.

    During the series we'll laugh, journal, learn, and track a happier, more confident YOU. 


LOSE YOUR MIND in 10 days

Can your mind take you where you want to go? Surely. It can. But you must be conscious or it'll follow the loudest voice in the village.

Ah. So, where is your mind taking you? You'll know by noticing how you feel. 

You can direct your mind. Your voice can lead the way. But you must learn how to listen to it, or... well, you won't hear it.


You'll spend 10 days listening and learning more about yourself than you might normally learn in one year. 

Course available Sunday, September 1 2019

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