Every so often, if we are lucky,

we encounter someone

with a unique spirit and gift for loving life

while drawing everyone around them

into that same space.

I count myself fortunate

to have encountered one of those people

in Michelle Bernard. ​









I'm Michelle Bernard.

I've been a certified fitness professional for over 20 years and enthusiastic about life 

since I was a kid.


I was born WiLD. I used to try and tame it.

Others tried to tame it. None of that worked.


It took many years to learn to value myself.

Now I support women to do the same.




I support women who think it’s groovy to be strong, spirited, and WiLD. 



As a fitness and lifestyle coach I make laughter comfortable, truth easy.

I'll show you how to let that dream for your body and life rise into realness.



I’ve created some witty courses and published a few books that’ll help you

go for what you want and live without regret.


I don't do boring. It bores me. 

If I don’t laugh, I’m afraid I’ve grown up.




I choose to live above ordinary. 

Reaching out for your hand. 




Oh, one more thing...