Every so often, if we are lucky,

we encounter someone

with a unique spirit and gift for loving life

while drawing everyone around them

into that same space.

I count myself fortunate

to have encountered one of those people

in Michelle Bernard. ​









I'm Michelle Bernard. I've been a certified fitness professional for over 20 years and a lifestyle enthusiast since I was a kid.


I was born to be WiLD. I used to try and tame it.

Others tried to tame it. None of that worked.

I grew into valuing myself.

I grew into understanding myself. 


Now I support women who think it’s groovy to be strong, spirited, and WiLD. 


As a fitness and lifestyle coach I make laughter comfortable, truth easy.

I support you in making that dream for your body and life rise into realness.


I’ve created some witty courses and published a few books that’ll help you value yourself, go for what you want, and live without regret.


I don't do boring. It bores me. 

If I don’t laugh, I’m afraid I’ve grown up.



I choose to live above ordinary. 

Reaching out for your hand. 



I’ll stop talking now.


Oh...One more thing.

Your imagination can penetrate life.


the Realness Expedition 

It's a 21-day course that'll clear your mental clutter and help you integrate 

your dreams into your life.


​This is a call to journal... with me. How does that sound?


It includes 21 days of videos and audios that'll make you laugh and sniffle.

 By the end of each week it'll turn your lips upward more often

than down.

the LEAN AUDIO series

Do you want to know exactly how to lose the weight and keep it lost? 


The LEAN AUDIO series will give you that answer. This week-long audio series feels like I'm joining you for a coffee while handing you the path to happiness.    


It includes short audios that, after one week, stack up to be over 4 hours of instruction

 fun and witty conversation 

that will change your life and your body.


I’m Michelle Bernard

I see your light, lady.

If you've been blazin' through life 

yet these days

you could use a little spark

lean in. 



Wink at me when you can!

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