witty, transformational recordings that will help you lose that weight and never find it again.


based on my book



You want a happy return.



You want to lose the weight and keep it off, right?


Read the book up there ▲ and use the Lean Happy Healthy You Journal

and in 7 weeks you'll lose 5-10 lbs!





Believe me, I know it can be overwhelming to 

swallow so much information


For mercy's sake, you just want to lose weight not get a Master's degree in health and fitness.




The LEAN AUDIO recordings

will make your healthy lifestyle shift simple and digestible. 

I want you to feel confident you can

keep the fat lost. 




Most fat-loss programs tell you what to do. I'm gonna do that, too.

I've done that in the book.



But you'll experience a long-lasting result

if you redirect the stuff

in your head. 


Listen, you have gotta get a grasp on what you're thinking.




The stuff you are thinking and believing way deep down...

deep, deeeeep doooowwwnnn

is either doing your body good


not so much.






In the LEAN AUDIO series,

I will show guide you in harnessing your creative MIND


I'm gonna teach you how to feel your fat-loss goal 

way before it happens

(which is the key to your transformation) 


It'll keep the fat LOST fo-evah!







Listen to the LEAN AUDIOS for 20 minutes each day.

Or binge listen to all of 'em tonight. 

(if you've got an extra 4 hours this evening)


No matter how you like to roll, here's what's important: 



over and over and over again.




Repetition is your friend.

Repetition is gonna hand you the key to unlock fat-loss and transform your life.



And that's what you want,

isn't it? 




Listen to the LEAN AUDIOS for a happy return.

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Yes, I want the LEAN AUDIO series.



the LEAN AUDIO series with Michelle Bernard


 includes 8 sections of instructional fun and informative audios

(plus 2 bonus videos)

that will teach you exactly what you need to do to lose weight

and keep it lost




The LEAN AUDIO series adds up to over 4 hours of content.



It's like personal training on fleek!




investment: only $97

​worth $1200 of personal coaching with me

Are you ready to transform your body, lose weight,

and keep it lost? 


With the LEAN AUDIO series, you will.

You will understand the most important factor to your transformation.

You will uncover what makes weight-loss difficult for you and how to move that difficult thing out of your way.

You will learn how to get and stay motivated even after you reach your weight-loss goal.

You can listen to your LEAN AUDIOs in the shower, in the car, when you walk through the park, and while you chill on the beach.

​Listen to them anywhere you have internet access. 

Listen to them once.Twice.Three times, my lady. 

Listen to them over and over again.

You'll learn best through

repetition and experience.


Listen and Live them. 




get the book and the journal

you WILL need the book for the LEAN AUDIOs, but that's no problem.

It's on AMAZON!

Available on AMAZON

6X9 soft-back and Kindle



Change your mind, change your body, and change your life.

  • You'll learn why your mind is the power responsible for your weight-loss.

  • You'll learn why routine keeps the weight from returning and how to put one together that works in your life.

  • You'll learn that your environment supports or sabotages your success and how to create an environment that supports your weight-loss goal.


Get your HAPPY return.


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Available on AMAZON

6X9 soft-back and Kindle


Available on AMAZON


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Change your mind, change your body, and change your life with the companion JOURNAL.


Get your HAPPY return.



Available on AMAZON

8X10 soft-back 


The LEAN HAPPY HEALTHY YOU JOURNAL is not required to complete the LEAN AUDIO series, however you'll get your happy return if you employ the trifecta, mama--



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