I cannot put into words the impact that you have had on my life over the past 10 years. You have always been more than an exercise instructor. You are so  positive and uplifting and personable. I always left your classes feeling like I was ready to face anything the world wanted to throw out. I felt like my most healthy self.

Angelique Beverly


Every so often, if we are lucky, we encounter someone with a unique spirit and gift for loving life while drawing everyone around them into that same space. I count myself fortunate to have encountered one of those people in Michelle Bernard. 



Laura McKenna

Medical Professional

Finding you and your melodious, mellifluous, magical exercise class gave me life!


You have taught me more than simply exercise and fitness--grace, humility, joy, peace, true wealth are some of the lessons.




Kelly Lewis

Project Manager

Michelle Bernard meets someone and immediately sees the positive. If there is something you can't do one way, she will adapt almost instantly so you are never left

with a feeling of I can't,

but always a "Yes, I can".   


Her knowledge of the human body coupled with a deeply intuitive sense of what is different between individuals makes her training both personal and effective. 

She is strict to form, thus building strength

efficiently and without injury. 


Michelle has been my core strengthening instructor

for over 7 years

and within that time I have gained both mental and physical strength from her sessions.


 I've been conditioned to face life with

more optimism and focus. 


Her impact, I know has been the same for other students. 


Simply put, she's amazing!


Miriam Hendel

Coding and Website Developer

Michelle has been my trainer and life coach for about 10 years. I love her as a person and as a trainer because she is passionate, determined, disciplined, and knowledgeable.


My body has changed. I've been challenged

with injury and illness.

Michelle always starts from where I am and works with my body and mind,

 re-framing what is possible for me in life-affirming terms.


For 10 years, Michelle has been tireless with encouragement.


For Michelle, the physical, mental, and spiritual are intertwined; under Michelle's coaching, I've been attuned to receive positive outcomes.


She repeats her method to help me internalize her teachings.

I am stronger,

more flexible, and more positive in life as a result of

Michelle's physical training and mental coaching.


Dr. Diane Sharon

Professor of Religion


6 years can be just the best years of my life!

What I will say as the genie in Aladdin lol. But it was exactly 6 years of dancing on Thursdays and performances and life skills that she helped me go through with life with her powerful wise words that I can't explain how deep it was and that I was like wow.

I will be making a performance trailer of the next performance called war and peace and making my own story on it. And I will tell the story on video if I can get to it. I am a very busy guy. I'll see what I can do even though.

It was a pleasure working with miss Michelle Bernard and thank you so much for the hope and the faith you had in me to do the things that I say we'll see to..... there might that I had imagined a comeback performance in the near future.


Thank you Michelle for everything. I love you and safe travels to a far away place from NYC!




"We are so lucky!!!" —-that is the usual refrain after working out 🏋️‍♀️ with our inspiring teacher, Michelle.


It’s more than just a workout with Michelle

—-it’s a happening!!

Why have we all arranged our schedules to make it to her Thursday afternoon "lunch and dessert" classes?


Somehow this vivacious, funny lady gets us to laugh😆 dance 💃 & sing 🎶 , while we lunge, lift, jump, squat,

push-up & balance!

Dessert (no, not that kind!!!) is more like a relaxing yoga class. Michelle calmly leads us through many rejuvenating stretches in Stretch Dessert.


Michelle created a community of strong and fit women.


 Michelle, I have tried to describe the experience of being in your class, yet there are things you do for us that are just BEYOND WORDS. Thank you for changing our lives!!!


During our last class, she asked us to visualize ourselves

living our words (for the year)!

I was reminded of their power.


I now understand what you wrote to me in your book,

Michelle: Leah—-Rehearse your life—imagine what you want

on paper and in your soul.

Leah Fine

student of my POWER LUNCH



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